Chapter 6 Forms of Business Ownership Fundamentals of Business

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7 Main Types of Business Activities Carried out By Organizations

Partners share in the profits and losses of the firm and there is motivation to improve the efficiency of the business. Personal control by the partners increases the possibility of success. Unlimited liability encourages caution and care on the part of partners. Fear of unlimited liability discourages reckless and hasty action and motivates the partners to put in their best efforts.

7 Main Types of Business Activities Carried out By Organizations

Company form of ownership enables the collection of huge financial resources. The capital of a company is divided into shares of small denominations so that people with small means can also buy them.

Other Forms of Businesses

Adequate funds should be made available at the right time for long-term and short-term needs of business. There must be proper allocation and utilisation of the procured funds in different projects or investments. Planning is an essential requisite for successful operations of a business enterprise.

Business process management is a systematic approach to improving those processes, which helps organizations achieve their business goals. If an organization is unable to perform certain business processes internally due to cost or resource constraints, the company might use business process outsourcing. Many organizations contract specific business tasks — such as payroll, human resources or accounting — to a third-party service provider. Most partnership agreements restrict how a partner can dispose of his share of the business. Often a partner is required to sell his interest to the remaining partners. All these things generally result in difficulties in transferring the ownership from one person to another. A corporation is a business incorporated under the laws of a state and owned by a few stockholders or thousands of stockholders.

General partnerships

It has contributed significantly to the development of children’s medicines, remedies for rare diseases, advanced therapies, and herbal and veterinary medicines. It also has a role to play in tackling such public health challenges as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Decentralised agencies are spread across Europe and work on issues affecting the everyday lives of nearly 450 million people living in the EU. Examples include food, medicine, justice, transport safety, drug addiction and the environment.

A merger occurs when two companies combine to form a new company. Though they are often used as if they’re synonymous, the terms merger and acquisition mean slightly different things. An example of a merger is the merging in 2013 of US Airways and American Airlines.

Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C)

However, if the man is selling furniture regularly in the market, the activity will be termed as business. To earn income and acquisition of wealth is not 7 Main Types of Business Activities Carried out By Organizations the sole objective of any business but the basic or real objective of business is to create a customer and to satisfy his needs, wants and demands.

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